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Terri Ilioff Fenlon

My fur babies of recent years

Animal lover

I have been an animal lover and caring for cats and dogs all of my life. Fur babies have always been central to my life and I have a special love and understanding of their sweet souls.



I have had many of my fur family live well into their twenties and along the way, I became trained in how to give shots, diabetic insulin, check blood glucose, use a feeding tube and give subcutaneous fluid to my fur babies.

I have been encouraged by those in the veterinary field to start a pet sitting/dog walking service company, as they know, and I have learned, there is a great need for pet sitters who are able to help with administering daily medical needs for pets. I have used my personal life experience to help friends and family with their fur babies' needs.

Petsitter service beginnings

From my own experience of traveling and needing help with my elderly diabetic and kidney failure fur babies, I found it difficult to find a pet sitter who was trained to help with our fur babies specific medical needs. 

I am a professional musician, bassoonist, to be exact. I have a lot of flexibility in my daily schedule, which is why I am finally pursuing my dream of helping pets and their owners when in need of pet sitting and dog walking. As with music, I think the fur babies of the world make the world a better place. Love them dearly!

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